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Marmaris günlük turlar The city was established as a port on the mouth of the river Cayster and was one of the foremost cities of the world for its being on a strategic trade route in Anatolia. The city itself and the ruins are all on the sides of a fertile valley. The extensive ruins including the theatre, library or gymnasium create the special atmosphere of Ephesus, and appeal to every visitors. Ephesus has been a "center" during the date.

Once a trade center of the ancient world , a religious center of the early Christianity and today, a unique tourism center proving all its perfects to the visitors through the world. The linguists accept that the word "Ephesus" derived from "Apasas". The town of Apasas under the rule of Ahhiyava Kingdom mentioned in the written records of Hittites of the 14th and 13th centuries BC is Ephesus.


Marmaris günlük turlar Dalyan is located on the south west coast of Turkey, situated between Marmaris and Fethiye in the province of Mugla. 25 kms from Dalaman Airport. (25 minutes travelling time). 96 kms from Marmaris. 75 kms from Fethiye. 32 kms from Köycegiz. Population 5.134 (year 2000). Tourist Season from April to end of October. 5 Pharmacies, one always duty 24 hrs on rota basis. 3 Doctors. 1 Health Centre. 4 Taxi ranks. 1 Bank and 3 ATM machines. Post Office exchance money too. 2 Mosques. 2 Schools.

Public bus services to Fethiye, Marmaris, Göcek, Mugla - direct from Dalyan 10.00-11.00 am. To Ortaca every 15 minutes (during the day). To Beach, Dolmus 08.00 am onwards, Boat 08.00 am onwards. Set inland on the banks of the Dalyan River, the village of Dalyan is a peaceful holiday backwater unspoilt by mass tourism. The romance of the place is heightened each morning as a fleet of gaily-painted boats chug off down the river carrying holidaymakers to the glorious sandy beaches at the mouth of the river delta. Starting from Dalyan Harbour the voyage through beds of bulrushes and pampas grass takes around 45 enjoyable minutes - the entire Delta is a protected National Conservation area and is home to over 100 species of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead.

Not everybody heads for the beaches each day, with many electing relax around their hotel pool, followed perhaps with an afternoon stroll along the river or village in search of a quiet spot to take lunch. Later, with the cooler evening air soothing sun kissed shoulders, you can once again walk the riverbank to settle in a waterside restaurant. The fish in Dalyan is quite excellent, especially when accompanied with a chilled beer as the setting sun sends shadows chasing through the nearby rock tombs. Make no mistake, if you need loud clubs open till late then Dalyan will disappoint, but we've found the main street through the resort provides more than enough bars and restaurants to keep your conversations fresh. Dalyan provides a holiday rich in peace and quiet, close to nature and with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


Marmaris günlük turlar Located 20 kilometers from the town of Denizli in the Aegean region of Turkey, Pamukkale is one of the most interesting places in the world, justly famous not only for the entrancing beauty of its unique geological formations but also for its historical remains. The calcium oxide-rich waters flowing down the southern slope of Caldag located north of the ruins have, over the millennia, built up deposits of white travertine on the plateau thus fully justifying both the site's ancient name of Hierapolis (Holy City) and its modern one of Pamukkale (Cotton Castle).

Ancient Hierapolis appears to have been founded by King Eumenes II of Pergamon and its name is derived from Hiera, the wife of King Telephos, the legendary founder of Pergamon. The city became subject to Rome in 133 BC. In 17 BC. During the reign of Tiberius it suffered a heavy earthquake that substantially destroyed the city, requiring it to be rebuilt. Preliminary excavations at Hierapolis were undertaken by a German team towards the end of the last century. Since 1957, excavation and restoration work has been going on under the direction of an Italian group of archaeologists from the University of Lecce sponsored by Fiat.

The ancient city was strung out on either side of a long colonnaded street called the Plateia. Measuring 13 meters in width, this street ran north and south from the southern gateway to the Arch of Domitian in the north. It is paved with huge blocks of limestone. The first structure one encounters on reaching the plateau is the city baths, which are in a very good state of preservation. The baths are Roman and from the 2nd century AD. In the eastern part of the baths is a palaestra measuring 36.13 by 52.25 meters. Immediately to the north and south of the palaestra are two big rooms that were reserved for the emperor and ceremonial use.

A large hall stretches the length of the western side of the palaestra and this was the gymnasium used by athletes. This salon led into the frigidarium from which one proceeded to the barrel-vaulted rooms of the caldarium. A small room adjacent to the large hall now serves as a museum in which works discovered in the Hierapolis excavations are on display. Since Hierapolis was principally a luxury resort town it was richly adorned with magnificent sculptures showing the influence of the Aphrodisias school and is well worth a visit.

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