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​Is there an airport in Marmaris?, Marmaris car rental

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​Is there an airport in Marmaris?

Marmaris district, which is connected to Muğla province, is one of the important tourism districts of the province. Marmaris is an important tourism resort in Turkey. In summer, the population of the district increases 3.4 times. It is a unique place for summer tourism with its natural forests, greenery and untouched bays. When the situation is divided, information such as how to get to Marmaris, airport information or how many km plane - close is often asked.

There is no airport in Marmaris. The closest airport to Marmaris is Dalaman airport. Dalaman airport is 95 km from Marmaris. It takes 1 hour 50 minutes from Dalaman airport to Marmaris.

How to get to Marmaris from Dalaman airport?

This depends primarily on your wishes. So how do you want to go? There are methods such as public transportation, private vehicle, transfer service. There are Havaş shuttles from the airport to Marmaris. Taxi can be preferred as alternative methods. You can rent a car from the airport or use VIP services and transfer services. You can check the details of the transfer service from Dalaman airport to Marmaris from the link. The generally used transportation method is vip services. Now the decision is yours. How much is the transfer price from Dalaman airport to Marmaris? You can learn it right away, either online or by phone, from the communication section.

Is there a plane to Marmaris?

Since there is no airport in Marmaris with a direct flight, there is no plane. There are two airports in Muğla. The first of these is Dalaman Airport, 95 km from Marmaris. The second is Bodrum-Milas airport, which is 130 km away from Marmaris. Dalaman airport is closer to Marmaris district. However, let's give some information that it only makes a difference of 20 minutes in terms of transportation time. So it is 35 km closer. You can come to Marmaris from Dalaman airport in 1 hour and 50 minutes, from Milas-Bodrum airport in 2 hours and 10 minutes, the choice is yours of course. Of course, these times vary depending on your transportation preference for an average ride. As a result, is there a plane to Marmaris? The answer is no direct plane.

Which airport is Marmaris close to?

Marmaris is closer to Dalaman Airport. There are two airports located in the region. The airport in Dalaman is 95 km from Marmaris. Bodrum – Milas airport is 130 km away. Which airport is Marmaris close to? It is close to Dalaman airport.

How far is it from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris?

Domestic and foreign tourists, who prefer the air route to reach Marmaris, can use vip transfer services or request a car rental to go to Marmaris, as they land at Dalaman airport. The distance between the two counties is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. What is the 95 km distance between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris? Find out our details about Marmaris airport transfer services now.

Marmaris Airport

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Reliable car rental service in marmaris

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You may need to rent a car for your holidays or other special occasions. Zeus car rental company is the right address in marmaris for daily or weekly car rental for all your wedding, excursion, visit, etc. needs. How much does it cost to rent a car in Marmaris? Do not make a decision without getting an offer from us and reviewing our rental car features. It is important that the vehicle features you are considering to rent and other insurance details are good. Because when you set off, it is very annoying to encounter bad surprises during the journey. Details of rental cars in Marmaris.

Airport transfer

Muğla is the leader among touristic cities in our country. Places such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Dalaman, which are centers for all summer tourism, are located within the provincial borders of Muğla. We provide a reliable transfer for you from all airports here to any place you want. We make your transfers with our specially designed luxury and comfortable vehicles. You can check our page for detailed information and reservation. Airport transfer prices, details.


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